Save the Venture Brothers!

If you're anything like us, you love The Venture Brothers. What started as a simple pastiche of Johnny Quest has evolved into a show that throws out obscure geek references and homages the past while still being whip-smart and a blast to watch. But now the Venture Brothers need your help.

We were all excited when BBP announced they had gotten the Venture Brothers license, but they totally crapped the bed. Over and over fans asked for action figures, but all we got were those Mego knockoffs, with a promise that if those sold well, Bif Bang Pow would revisit the idea of real action figures in the future. It seemed unlikely (honestly, who makes the future of the broad-appeal product rely on the sales of the niche line?), but at SDCC this year, we found out the time is now.

The figures are available now for preorder at Entertainment Earth. Click any of the pictures below to go to the page:

You can also order all of Series 1 at once, if you prefer. But the important thing is that you order them.

See, like Mattel did with their DCU Classics subscription, Bif Bang Pow is making sure the demand exists before they go into production. There's no waiting until these come out and hoping they show up at Toys Я Us like the Dexter toys did. If you want the Venture Brothers to have some real toys, you need to do the one thing that seems to the hardest thing for toy fans to do: act immediately.

Collectors are great at talking a big game, then not putting their money where their mouth is. We clamor for "New Figure X" to be released, then defer buying it until there's a sale or it goes on clearance. This time we're asking you to ignore that impulse, and preorder the figures before the end of October November.

You may have seen that ad at the bottom of every page on our site this month. That's because we really want these toys to happen, and we know you do, too. We're trying to get the word out there, and we're trying to impress upon you how important it is that you place your preorder. And it's not just a question of supporting Bif Bang Pow, either: a lot of the work for this line was done by Adam Pawlus; he was a notable fan commentator before any of the rest of us had even started posting on toy message boards and he's a friend of OAFE, so we're not just trying to drum up support for the toys - we're trying to drum up support for a fellow collector who's finally getting to make an impact.

So please, by all means, go to Entertainment Earth and preorder the Venture Brothers figures. The toys need to happen, but it will take some effort on your part to keep this from being another "what could have been."

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9 Responses to Save the Venture Brothers!

  1. yo go re says:

    Oh man, Adam designed these figures? I didn't know that! Okay, yeah, I want Venture Bros. figures, but had no intention of buying them until I could see them in person. But forget that, now I'm going to EE to preorder them all right away...

  2. Well if yo is in then I'm in.

    Does it matter if we just do the whole series one or the individual figures? I really want the Brock but he's not listed in the pack 🙁

    • yo go re says:

      yeah, he must be Series 2, along with Phantom Limb.

      Notice that buying five $9.99 figures is $49.95, while buying the set of five is $49.99, so it's actually (minisculely) cheaper to buy them separately anyway...

  3. Atomic Blonde says:

    Dr. Girlfriend dosen't look like she does on the cartoon, you should have had Todd McFarlane do them, then they would have been done right. I am a big Fan of VB, they should have been done right.

  4. Robert says:

    Over and over fans asked for action figures, but all we got were those Mego knockoffs, with a promise that if those sold well, Bif Bang Pow would revisit the idea of real action figures in the future.

    Personally? When I heard that, I laughed heartily and made a note to never buy anything from them. Ever.

  5. yo go re says:

    BBP has (finally) released an update: the figures are happening, one at a time, starting with Brock Samson. Preorder him now, and he'll be out late this summer.

    It's funny: last year, $9.99 seemed like it was too high for these figures, but now that Star Wars, GI Joe and Marvel have all crept up, it seems much more reasonable...

  6. Alcatraz says:

    Me personally, as soon as i found out there was a 3 3/4 inch Venture Bros line and then saw how nice the figures looked i ordered all four available figures IMMEDIATELY!!! Yes, i wish there were hover bikes available. Heck i can think of a bunch of accessories that would be simply awesome additions but even so... These figures are choice. They are well sculpted, their scale works well together and they have enough articulation to do whatever needs done posing wise. I HOPE beyond all hope that the 3 3/4 inch Venture Bros line continues on well into the future. There is such a WEALTH of

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