OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, December 1

The OAFEnet Email Update is only available for a limited time.

Yeah, and then it's time for the next week's.

  • Our Joe Friday review is startlingly plain - but does that translate to "boring," as well?
  • Inspired by Friday night's tv, we reviewed something you'd see on Cartoon Network.
  • Marvel Monday is a figure that's hard to find. Very hard to find. Ridiculously hard to find.
  • The same could have been said about Transformers Tuesday at one point, but it's getting better now.
  • And finally, a figure we've honestly been waiting about 10 years to get.
  • That wasn't all we had for you, though, If you've been following us on Google Plus, you saw that we also reviewed all seven Gothitropolis Scarabus variants this week. To see those reviews, as well as some videos and the reason Sam's Club pulled a Bible from their shelves, visit our blog. Be sure to scroll back so you don't miss anything.

Since it's December now, it's time to start sharing your nominations for the Toy of the Year awards. The categories are up and you can see them all here. Vote as many times as you want!

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