OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, December 8

You look like a big fat mental patient! Read the OAFEnet Email Update to turn things around.

  • This is our last Joe Friday for a little while. Why? Because we've run out of things to review, again. Distribution is so slow!
  • This series of reviews, meanwhile, keeps rolling right along. And eventually "roll" will be the operative word, since a 4" scale means vehicles are an option.
  • Last week's Marvel Monday was an under-supplied Thor figure. This week's Marvel Monday is the same thing.
  • There's a new series of DC figures coming out, and we've got the first review right here.
  • And finally, Rustin shows you all the things he bought while driving across the country last week.

This week on the blog we have another Gothitropolis review, the new Previews catalog, a funny video and some news items worth reading about. Catch up on everything you might have missed.

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