ThunderTank addendum

In today's ThunderTank review, we briefly mentioned the electronics, then moved on, because they weren't really worth talking about. But you still deserve the information. Here, start with this video:

The tank makes sounds when you push the button on the top, when you launch the ThunderRacers, and when you put a figure in the pilot's seat. The sounds change depending on whether or not someone is driving the tank:

with driver without
top button "Thundertank firrrrre!" *engine/gun sounds*
launchers "Thundertank, launch!" *squealing tires*

Additionally, the eyes/headlights flash when you push the top button.

As you can hear in the video up above, the guy they got to do the voice for the tank is... nobody. Some random in-house voiceover guy, apparently. It probably would have cost too much to hire any of the real actors to do the job.

The different sounds have nothing to do with the ThunderLynx feature, either: there's a simple button that's pressed when a figure is plugged into the seat, and that causes the change. You can do it with your finger or a piece of tape, if you want. Seems like a missed opportunity.

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  1. PrfktTear says:

    The 200x MOTU Castle Grayskull had better features/electronics than this! XD

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