Barbie trashes her Dream House

If you have basic cable, odds are you're familiar with the show Hoarders: it's what's on when they run out of Law & Order episodes for the week. Even if you've never seen the show, you've surely seen the ads and you know what people's houses look like. They look like this, right?

Right. Except that's not a hoarder's house. It's Barbie's.

Artist Carrie M. Becker created an entire series of images designed to blur the line between reality and fiction. Using 1/6th scale accessories from Barbie (and other doll lines) plus things she made herself, Becker re-created the world of the hoarder in the scale of toys.

It's very cool work, and deserves a close look. Head over to her Flikr set to see the full-size pictures, and to see the small details people have highlighted. Or visit her Etsy page to buy prints.

And then, go clean your bathroom or throw out your old magazines or something. It'll make you feel better after viewing these.

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  1. Rustin Parr says:

    Those are amazing - very awesome

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