Da Vinci's Flying Machine addendum - GameStop

In today's review of the Assassin's Creed 2 Flying Machine, I said that there were two GameStops in my mall, one right above the other. That sounds like typical hyperbole, right? Like joking about how there's a Starbucks next door to a Starbucks or something. Yeah, well, it's not:

That's an actual photo of the mall, not some kind of trick. One mall, two GameStops, right in the same place on two different floors. They don't share staff or anything - it's two competing locations that have somehow decided to set up in the same place.

And there's another GameStop less than two miles away. Who is going to these stores?!

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8 Responses to Da Vinci's Flying Machine addendum - GameStop

  1. T16skyhopp says:

    That is nuts. I have a mall that has 3 gamestops in it. They are a bit further apart at least. In fact, until very recently when a few gamestops closed, there wasn't a mall with less than two gamestops in it.

  2. yo go re says:

    I should point out that this isn't a case of one store switching locations: they're not, like, closing the upstairs store and moving downstairs or anything. Both those stores have been open - and have been GameStops - as long as I've lived here. Say, seven years, maybe? I forget...

    • MontyPla says:

      You sure one didn't used to be an EB Games? There's a shopping center here that has two Gamestops literally facing each other across the street. One was an EB but eventually switched after EB was bought out.

  3. PrfktTear says:

    Thats kind of redonkulous. At least you have a choice though, and you can say that you want to go to the "good one".

  4. Deadpool says:

    My mall also has two, admittedly not right on top of each other.

    How can that POSSIBLY be a good idea?

    • yo go re says:

      Another excuse in their favor: the mall is built into a hill, so if you enter at "ground level" on one side you're upstairs, and if you enter at "ground level" on the other side you're upstairs. So if you're afraid of escalators or something, you can just walk in the door and get to Game Stop.


      Yeah, I got nothing...

  5. Rustin Parr says:

    I like that they're both different versions of the store. Maybe it's a testing ground of Layout A vs Layout B.

    I hope the managers get into knife fights out back.

  6. yo go re says:

    Went to the mall today for the first time since... March? Sometime. I am sad to report that the second GameStop has now closed, meaning there isn't even a remnant of this magical glitch in the Matrix any more. The only thing left in there were a few old cardboard standee displays waiting to be thrown out...

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