OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, January 19

The OAFEnet Email Update chooses to fight the power.

We get a lot of questions about whether or not "Figure (X)" is worth buying. This week we tried to answer some of those.

  • Joe Friday is a new exclusive that many people were lukewarm to. We tell you if it's worth taking a gamble.
  • Saturday's review wasn't one we've been asked about, but it is one you should know about - huge jump in quality from the last series!
  • "A new scale? But I just bought the old scale! Is this one really worth it?"
  • A Walmart-exclusive figure: how far does it need to be marked down before the price is right? Marvel Monday knows!
  • The subject of this Transformers Tuesday review probably won't be in stores for much longer - but there's only one place where you can find out if that's good news or bad.
  • This review isn't one of the requests, but it's one we've been building to for a month and a half.

This week on the blog we covered two tv shows with toy connections, yo go re's photographic milestone and the reason we were entirely unavailable on Wednesday.

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