OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, January 26

Read the OAFEnet Email Update on your North Korean cellphone.

  • We kicked off the week with another seven reviews at once. You won't be seeing a Joe Friday like this again for a long while (we hope).
  • This review is quite different from the company's usual fare. Be sure to check out the related blog post for the craziest freaking store layout you've ever seen.
  • What's black and 9" long? Transformers Tuesday is, of course!
  • Rustin spent his money this week on things no one would want. Find out why when you read his wrap-up.
  • And our final review is more about the accessories than the figure - which is problematic, since the price is so high.

This week on the blog we had a video mashup, an exclusive review and more. Also, news about the rebroadcast of the Toy Hunters tv show!

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