Toy Hunters premieres tonight on Travel Channel

Hey cable subscribers! There's a new show about toy dealers, and it's coming to the Travel Channel tonight:

Follow Toy and Collectibles dealer Jordan Hembrough and his team as they travel the country searching out the rarest and most sought after toys and pop culture collectibles! Join Jordan as he meets incredible people and learns about the history of some of the most popular toylines in the past 30 years. He's out to uncover the Holy Grails of the collecting community... and time is running out!

Travel with Hembrough and his Hollywood Heroes as they journey to New York Comic Con, gathering rare and never before seen toys along the way. Comic Con is the "Super Bowl" of toy wheeling and dealing, gathering thousands of people each year. It's the event where the biggest comic and toy collectors turn out to spend big money on the rarest of toys!

Can Jordan "seal the deal" and turn his new found treasures into Toy Gold?! Tune in January 15th on the Travel channel and find out!

Yes, press release, Comic-Con is the Super Bowl of nerds, but that's the actual Comic-Con, not New York Comic Con. Sure, NYCC is pretty big, but it's still not SDCC. You need a better research department if they can't tell the difference between the two.

Anyway, right now Toy Hunters isn't a guaranteed series: if you want to see more of it, watch it live tonight and get it good ratings. It's on at 11pm (and again at 2am) so you'll have to stay up late, but networks respect "live" audiences more than DVR numbers. Come back here after the show to discuss!

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6 Responses to Toy Hunters premieres tonight on Travel Channel

  1. jestergoblin says:

    So did anyone actually watch this?

    • yo go re says:

      I did. It was interesting to see the host guy have to switch gears from "wow, this is SO rare! You should let me sell this" to "this isn't so great, it's not going to go for a lot of money" in the space of a single sentence. He was lowballing people left and right, because he didn't want to pay more than half of what he was going to ask for it at the show. On the plus side, that means if you ever see these guys at a con, you can safely assume that whatever he's asking is double what he paid, so that gives you some negotiation room.

      Also, 1980s Kenner was apparently getting robbed blind by its employees, if the stacks of unopened cases and rare prototypes he came across were any indication...

  2. Gob the Boon says:

    "... never before seen toys..." - I wanna see these!

  3. I'm not letting them near my basement stash!

  4. PrfktTear says:

    This may be biting the hand that feeds but in general I find people who do this sort of thing for a living to be somewhat scummy. I know its a generalization and also kind of harsh but from those I've dealt with myself and those who I've seen its just how I feel. They just want to buy low and sell high... I guess thats just life though and its not just toys its any sort of antiques or collectibles dealers.

    Also, its no wonder why Kenner still isn't in the business.

  5. yo go re says:

    The show is re-airing this Sunday. So January 29, 6pm, Travel Channel. Watch it!

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