OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, March 1

The OAFEnet Email Uodate knows what it's like to feel ultimate jealousy.

You know, because you all love us so much.

February is over, and that means Old Toys Month went with it. So this OEU will be your last dose of ancient action figures for another year. Probably. Let's get to it!

  • This is a new figure, but it's firmly rooted in the culture of the '80s - and not just because it's a Joe Friday review.
  • An old man, using an old body, sold at an old convention, and living long ago in a galaxy far away.
  • In what world would this possibly qualify as an "action" figure?
  • Marvel Monday was a reader request. We actually like it when you tell us what to write about.
  • Speaking of which, we're having a vote to see what Marvel Legend we should review first.
  • This is nothing about this Transformers Tuesday that could possibly be construed as anything even vaguely resembling "new" - it's Old Toys Month at its greatest.
  • Similarly, our last WWEdnesday review is one no one saw coming, because most people don't even know this toy exists.

There are several noteworthy items on the blog this week, including the chance at GI Joe Legos, toys in politics and an important overlooked anniversary.

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