OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, March 29

The OAFEnet Email Update dabbles in cross-promotion.

  • Instead of a review for this week's Joe Friday, we have a custom figure. It's an existing character, but an original design.
  • This is a figure that was high on the "it'll never be made" list. And yet here we are, reviewing it for you.
  • The Marvel Monday voting ended in a tie, so we just went with the one that was first alphabetically.
  • Our final vote is being held right here. With one click, you'll control the next two weeks of content!
  • Email subscribers saw this review a few days early. It pays to sign up for the update, huh?
  • Well, it usually pays. Next week's exclusive won't be in the email: we'll be posting in onr our Google+ page. Go add us to your circles.
  • And to close out the week, Rustin finished the oddities he bought at Wonder Con.

Naturally, we want you to go read the blog. It's been another big week of cool art, thought-provoking articles, and even an insanely creepy video.

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