OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, May 24

Bad news: the OAFEnet Email Update is being delayed nine months and will come out in March 2013.

Okay, no, not really - but have you heard the news about the GI Joe movie? It's going to be a looong wait now.

  • We started the week off with a misplaced review. On one hand, it keeps our streak of reviewing Star Wars Episode 1 toys alive - on the other hand, it doesn't do that at all.
  • Marvel Monday was a figure that could have been very boring, but turned out to be pretty interesting after all.
  • This figure proves that sometimes bright, alternate colorschemes can work well for a variant figure.
  • As promised last week, Rustin only has one kind of toy for you to look at. Hope you like it, because next week will be the same way.

This week on the blog we give you the opportunity to compare and contrast a derp-faced Minimate with a Barbie who's sick of dealing with Ken.

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