Hasbro's Transformers distribution

Here, courtesy Twitter user cheersian, are some photos of the TF section at his local Toys Я Us. Or, as we like to call it--




For cryin' out loud, Hasbro! Stop doing this! That's 23 movie 'bees, 50 Prime 'bees, and at least 59 First Edition figures! You want to release that many of something, make it First Edition Bulkhead or Cliffjumper.

You know what? Kids love Bumblebee. But not this many kids, and not this many Bumblebees. Enough with the BB-heavy cases. You don't need to ship him three times heavier than any other figure. It's too much. Stop it. Just stop it, okay?

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8 Responses to Hasbro's Transformers distribution

  1. Soundwinder says:

    What, you mean having a Bumblebee and two of a non-screen Bumblebee remold in a case that only has one of an on-screen army builder (with, subjectively, a fantastic design) isn't the best idea ever?

    Man, with the Prime figures the cards behind make it clear that yes, those are almost all Bumblebees. With the DotM pics of shelfwarmers you could never tell how many there really were, since after the first one per peg, you had no idea what was behind there.

    Personally, I've noticed more Cliffjumpers than Bumblebees. They've been packing him almost as heavily as Bumblebee, but he's only been on the show for about... five minutes.

    • OAFE says:

      Sorry, we were still thinking from a US perspective, where not even Starscream and Arcee showed up appreciably, and CJ never appeared at all.

      And for the record, when making our tally of the figures, we made sure to examine the sides and bottoms of the packages to ensure that we weren't counting figures we shouldn't. There are two Cliffjumpers and a Ratchet bulking up one of the pegs in the Prime section, for instance.

      Who was the army-builder stuck with the movie BBs?

      • Soundwinder says:

        I'm American too, it just seems odd that CJ manages to sneak into almost every wave despite being on screen for all of five minutes.

  2. Owen Prescott says:

    You guys do realize that that guy rearranged those shelves to look like this and this an exaggerated version of the problem, right?

    • OAFE says:

      And you do realize that that guy didn't rearrange those shelves to look like this and this isn't an exaggerated version of the problem, right? Unless you choose to believe he was lying when he specifically said he didn't do that (as you know by following the link to the post where he said exactly that), and we have no reason to disbelieve him. You can consider this an exaggerated version of the problem, but only in the same sense that a huge wildfire is an exaggerated version of a small wildfire during a drought - ie, it's the same problem, but unusually larger and more noticeable.

      That said, even if he did "sweeten" the photos by moving things around, that's still 132 Bumblebees at one store.

      • yo go re says:

        132?! At that point I don't care if he takes them all off the pegs and stacks them onthe floor in the aisle to take his picture!

        I was at Walmart last week, and there was a kid - a kid the target age of this line, no less, somewhere around 9 years old - complaining audibly that he was tired of seeing Bumblebee and wanted to know why they couldn't make Ratchet. Here's a fan of the show, in the demographic Hasbro is targeting, and he can't find the toy he wants. And this annoys him so much that he's talking about it to anyone who will listen in the middle of a store! I felt so bad for that kid, I wished I had a Ratchet on me...

  3. Black Arbor says:

    Man, doesn't Hasbro wonder why no one ordered more transformer cases? I mean, don't some reps go to toy stores and see there's a million Bumblebees on the shelf? Thank goodness for stores like TJ Maxx and Marshalls, otherwise I'd never find phantom wave figures with 'Bee stinkin' up the pegs.

  4. Sledgehama says:

    >Sarcasm on/Sarcasm off<

    I remember back when there used to be years of Transformers without a single repeated character instead of the constant cases of Bumblebee, Optimus Prime and the shortpack, everyoneelseinthefrigginline!

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