Inside Lego's corporate headquarters

Ever wonder what it would be like to work at Lego's office in Billund, Denmark? Well, thanks to designers Rosan Bosch, you can see for yourself.

This sort of "fun," "wacky" office is all but mandatory these days for a large enough company. You know the sort: aggressively playful spaces designed not really for enjoyment, but to broadcast how laid-back and chill the work environment is. It makes a lot more sense, however, when the company in question is Lego, a brand that's all about invention and play.

They have color-coded meeting rooms, aerial walkways, and even one of the near-ubiquitous slides. But there are also bowls of Legos on the tables, display cases for new creations and a huge painting of a Minifigure on the wall behind the bookcase-sized parts bins!

To see more photos and read more about the office's features you can download this press kit. There's even a copy of the floor plan! Man, if the prospect of working for Lego wasn't enough of a dream job to begin with, then seeing their offices should set you drooling.

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