Minimalist Lego designs

Tell us: do you recognize these characters?

How about these:

These and all the rest in the gallery below are the work of Hamburg, Germany's Jung von Matt for Lego's "Imagine" ad campaign. Yes, similar things can be found all over the internet, but it's neat to see this done in a real format.

There's one that might be hard for our US readers to get, but remember, this is a European campaign, so it would be just as clear as the rest over there.


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One Response to Minimalist Lego designs

  1. RocketPunch says:

    1) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    2) The Simpsons
    3) Bert & Ernie from Sesame Street
    4) Donald Duck & his nephews
    5) The Smurfs
    6) South Park
    7) Asterix and Obelix

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