Agent 88

Unlike the other Kickstarters we've shared with you, this one isn't about toys. It does, however, offer you toys as a reward.

You remember Digger T. Mesch, the guy who started Art Asylum. These days he heads up Dig Deep Entertainment, which is all about creating tv shows and films - and now, an original webseries, Agent 88. The whole thing is shot, so now they're trying to raise money for editing and so forth. Anyway, the point is, there are several pledge levels that include Minimates as rewards, so toy fans should go check it out.

Remember that you can pledge to Kickstarter projects without worry: no money is taken from you until the project closes, and then it's only taken if enough people have pledged to get it "over the hump." If they fall even one penny short, you keep all your money and have risked nothing. So pledge with confidence!

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2 Responses to Agent 88

  1. yo go re says:

    This one actually made it - congratulations to Digger!

    (For the record: I timed my pledge so I could be the one to put it over the top. Not because it matters, but because it makes for a better story...)

  2. Manny says:

    Maybe you should do an update to the story about how none of the minimates have even been made yet(if they ever will be) and that Digger won't respond to any inquires about why they haven't been produced after a year and a half. In the most recent Ask DST (#244); Chuck(President of Diamond Select Toys) was asked "any update on the agent 88 kickstarter? can you reveal how those figures are coming or when they can be expected?" His response was "Any update on Agent 88, you would have to ask the movie folks."

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