GI Joe Swamp-Viper addendum

In today's review of Retaliation's version of the classic Cobra Water Moccasin, we mentioned that the sculpt may not be new, but that it definitely wasn't designed with the Swamp-Viper in mind. How can we be sure? Because of this:

As first found by Generals Joes, the sculpt on the left is by freelance sculptor Mat Brouillard, who shared the image on his Facebook page. Apparently it was an in-progress sculpt (with a placeholder head that would have been swapped out later) for a 4x4 Driver - probably Clutch - but the release got cancelled.

If you look at the large image, it's clear that the Swamp-Viper is just a reworked version of that sculpt, with less articulation and fewer separate pieces. So it's a shame that the figure got toned down, but it's nice that we got it in some form, at least...

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