SDCC 2012 Panels - Star Wars: Collectibles Update

Despite Saturday being the semi-official "Star Wars Day" at SDCC Friday morning is host to back-to-back Star Wars Collectible panels. First up is Star Wars: Collectibles Update featuring the myriad of not-Hasbro companies producing SW collectibles - Kotobukiya, Gentle Giant, Sideshow and eFX.

The panel is moderated by Chris Spitale from Lucasfilm and includes:
-Dan Lujan, Kotobukiya
-Ashely Powell, Gentle Giant
-Brant Bridges, Sideshow
-Brian Ono & Gino, eFX

First, each rep is given a couple minutes for a little presentation about what they have to offer in the Star Wars range.

Dan, Kotobukiya
- October is Koto's 60th Anniversary
-Silicon ice tray have really taken off. next up is "deluxe size trays" available fall, srp $14.99. R2, Han, Falcon - same size as regular tray but mold fills its dimensions. Plus a 3 dimensional death star mold for $9.99
-Working on light-up lightsaber chopsticks, blade is removable, runs on 3 button cell batteries, turns on/off by twisting the hilt. Luke & Vader - hopefully this fall at $14.99
-ArtFX+, 1/10th scale statue with alternate arms and/or heads and/or accessories, magnets in feet for the base
-Next ArtFX+ is RotJ Boba Fett, RotJ Vader, Royal Guard 2-pack, R2-A6 Celebration IV exclusive, Jango Fett (fall '13)
-First SW Bishoujo (roughly translates to "pretty girl/beautiful woman") is Jaina Solo
-Bishoujo Mara Jade will be next.

Ashley, Gentle Giant
-She's the director of Product Development at Gentle Giant
-This is GG's 10th anniversary
-Showed a cool video, no new reveals, but some need digital models that sort of "self assembled" digitally.

Brant, Sideshow
-Bunch of already revealed 12". Darth Vader Deluxe 12" - Empire & Jedi version, removable head, new body, lightup base.
-SW Mythos - statue line. "Times between films." Ben Kenobi, Vader, Maul, Boba Fett, & Gamorrean. Each have switch-out heads and hands.
-Premium Format - Force Unleashed Shaak-ti, Darth Malgus, C3-PO & R2 (3PO is fully articulated from the waist up, working pistons, R2's head turns can be rolling or standing - both light-up), big reveal: Chewbacca (in progress sculpt) with bowcaster and rifle plus other goodies.

Brian & Gino, eFX
-They're expanding the lightsaber line into video games with Force Unleashed Starkiller. Adding electronics to lightsabers. Will be reissuing the Lord Malgus saber. Doing more "reveal" lightsabers that open up to show the internal mechanics.
-Bringing back the Mini-Lightsabers line, complete with electronics.
-Legend Edition Darth Maul saber is cast from the actual lightsaber given to Ray Park while filming. Constructed in same manner and materials as the actual prop.
-Doing the first Biker Scout helmet replica since Don Post's, based on original molds
-Working on a Legend Empire Strikes Back Yoda puppet and have been working finding original molds, etc, for over 4 years
-Working on a Legend model of the ESB Slave One based on the actual filming model.

Chris Spitale, Lucasfilm
- Free shirt for attendees here who have already bought their Celebration VI tickets
- Some sneak previews for Celebration Merch - Offering 4 exclusive statues originally meant for Lucas store, Tauntaun Hobby Horse, Gamorrean Guard Piggy Bank (possibly shared exclusive with Think Geek)

Chris then handed out the shirts to the Celebration attendees and next hands it over to Koto for a few ArtFX+ giveaways for trivia questions. Next Ashley gives away some of their con exclusives for trivia. Then Grant with some of the Cmdr. Fox exclusives, answers are clones they'll be doing in the next year (Wolf, Fives, Echo). Finally, Brian & Gino bring 2 X-Wing helmet replicas. And now... Q&A

- Sideshow does plan TIE fighter pilots, X-Wing Pilots and AT-AT Drivers
-Will Koto release the SW neckties currently available only in Japan? Not yet, but we'll let you know when/if we can
-Which lightsaber color will Mara Jade have? Still early, but maybe both
-Other x-wing pilot helmets from eFX? Wedge helmet is on display
-Any chance for more Indiana Jones 12" from Sideshow? Worked on a Short Round and have thought about something minecart related from Temple of Doom
-More Old Republic from Sideshow? Yeah, they're looking a lot more at all of the video games
-Gentle Giant's AT-AT bookends stand about 8" tall

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