Legendary Monsters (Take 2)

You may recall a few weeks back when we told you about the Legendary Monsters Kickstarter. As predicted, that one didn't meet its funding goal, but as promised, the creators are trying again with a much lower target.

This time the price they need to hit is only $25,000, which is a ton more achievable! They've already got more supporters and more money than they did last time, so this one is on a roll!

As a reminder, the guy behind them has been trying to make them a reality for over a decade. The prototypes were shown in ToyFare magazine ages ago, with a target release date of Fall 2001. Here's a shot of them from way back then:

On the down side, there are no longer any victim figures, and no display bases. However, there are now glow-in-the-dark options, and they look awesome.

Remember that you can pledge to Kickstarter projects without worry: no money is taken from you until the project closes, and then it's only taken if enough people have pledged to get it "over the hump." If they fall even one penny short, you keep all your money and have risked nothing. So pledge with confidence!

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10 Responses to Legendary Monsters (Take 2)

  1. Black Arbor says:

    As cool as they are, I don't see this happening. I know it's worked before (can't think of a specific example off my head) but it's still a long ways to go.

  2. monkey boy says:

    i'm tempted to jump in for 2 of them. i'd love a mothman and a jersey devil.

  3. Soundwinder says:

    ... ohmygod glow-in-the-dark Mothman. I need that. Glow Momo really reminds me of an old Swamp Thing figure I had that was made out of GITD plastic.

    Actually, might go for all of them if they glow...

  4. Ronnie says:

    If you're spotlighting action figure crowd-funds, why not spotlight the near-done drive for Indie Comic Book Heroes Series 2? Dick Tracy and The Tick deserve figure updates as much as urban legends!

    • Chris says:

      They did Dick Tracy. It bombed because the sculpts looked like crap and they held the key figure for the second wave which didn't sell because the sculpts looked like crap. Any toy company you try to sell this idea will tell you it won't work because it was tried and failed without bothering to think about why it failed. Tick on the other hand was accurate, he just doesn't have the fan base. I would like to see a really accurate and well sculpted set of Hellboy, but again, no fan base big enough to support it.


    • OAFE says:

      Because Kickstarter is zero-risk for investors, and the guys making these toys don't have a history of taking fans' money and disappearing.

  5. Chris says:

    Maybe they have posted it but I still don't remember seeing the scale on these. If they are 4" maybe I could do a Sasquatch. I could even see if he is 5" because he is supposed to be big, but I prefer to stay in scale with my figure collecting.


    • OAFE says:

      They're 3¾" scale - it's hard to tell now that the human "witness" figures are no longer part of the project. But the monsters were always a bit bigger than the humans.

  6. yo go re says:

    Well, they're only a little over 50% with one day to go, but I still pledged just now. Nothing to lose, and if there's a last-minute rush, I win!

  7. Soundwinder says:

    This makes me sad.

    Really wanted that glowing Mothman.

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