Lego now the #2 toy company in the world

According to Global Toy News, who received information from Gerrick Johnson, Toy Industry Specialist for BMO Capital,

He ran 2012 numbers on Lego, Hasbro and Mattel and according to his calculations, Lego is now the number two toy company in the world based upon revenue edging out Hasbro. It is the number one toy company in the world based upon net income.

"LEGO did $4.137 billion in sales vs Hasbro's $4.084 billion. Mattel did $6.421 billion. So based on sales LEGO is #2. [...] But, if you look at net income, LEGO is #1 with $992 million. Mattel had $777 mil and Hasbro had $336 million."

I knew that Lego has had double digit increases for eight years in a row but these numbers certainly put it into perspective.

Pretty impressive!

Remember, net income is how much you have left over after paying all your bills - so Lego brought in $4.1 billion total last year, but only spent $3.145 billion. So what's that $992 million going to be put toward in 2013? New licenses? Clever innovations? Better salaries for their employees?

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