OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, February 7

The OAFEnet Email Update: come for the sports, stay for the confusion about what sports are.

  • The new GI Joe movie will be out soon, and yet here we are on Joe Friday reviewing a toy from the first movie.
  • Our monthly PoA article came early this time, and it's all about a double standard.
  • This is Old Toys Month, so here's a toy from the '90s.
  • MotU Monday was old-school, as well. Older than usual, even!
  • It may be a new figure, but Transformers Tuesday is definitely retro.
  • And this figure is one we've just been waiting for since the '80s.
  • This character was created in the 1930s. If that's not an old toy, we don't know what is!

Rustin has a new Spoils on the blog, and there's much more there you won't want to miss, either.

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