Legendary Monsters (Take 3)

So, let's fire this up one more time:

They've managed to massively drop the goal once again - listening to the video, the reason is that they've cut all paint apps at the factory and will be doing it by hand. If you doubted his dedication to make these toys a reality by any means necessary, then this should show how serious he is. You're basically paying for the molds, and then getting paint and packaging for free.

As a reminder, the prototypes were shown in ToyFare magazine ages ago, with a target release date of Fall 2001. Here's a shot of them from way back then:

Considering that the project just started today, and they're already over ¾ of the way to their new goal, it seems a pretty safe bet that the project is going to succeed this time. So get in there, and make these monsters real!

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4 Responses to Legendary Monsters (Take 3)

  1. jestergoblin says:

    So to get the toys made, they had to make a board game?

  2. OAFE says:

    Judging by his latest update, all those stretch goals that are listed won't just mean additional cards, but also additional figures. First up: Slenderman.

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