So what's Todd McFarlane up to these days?

Today CBR posted an interview with Todd McFarlane, and briefly discussed McToys:

What's going on with your toy business?

It occupies my life a lot. We've got a couple of nice licenses we've picked up that I hope will turn out to be a big deal. Some of them are a little cuter than I think people are used to seeing from me, but I'm trying to have a little fun with a couple of properties that aren't mature-themed.

There's one coming out based on a TV show Nickelodeon will be having on their airwaves pretty soon. Nick will make a big push for this thing, and hopefully they'll have some success. The format is pretty cool; it's sort of old-school. It should be fun.

We also just got back from Atlanta doing some face mapping for some of The Walking Dead characters that were there.

Interesting. Wonder what the mystery license is going to be?

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2 Responses to So what's Todd McFarlane up to these days?

  1. Newt says:

    Medieval Spongebob.

  2. yo go re says:

    Ubisoft just announced at E3 they're doing a Raving Rabbids show on Nick - I could almost see Todd wanting in on that...

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