A few noteable preorders: Predators, Star Wars, Transformers

Hey, look at all this!

Star Wars Black Series preorders have shown up on Amazon:

Or you can get the set of all four.

If you're looking for NECA's Predator Trophy Wall, it looks like Entertainment Earth has the best combo of price + shipping. You could also do Amazon with the free shipping, but that keeps going in and out of stock, so you might get a third-party seller there.

Masterpiece Soundwave is up on TRU. You can't preorder until the 18th, but it'll have free shipping.

The Amazon and Ent. Earth links are affiliate links, so if you buy through them, we get a kickback for the site: money that will obviously be spent on toys that we then review, so it's like you're funding your own entertainment! The TRU one we're just sharing because it's exciting.

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One Response to A few noteable preorders: Predators, Star Wars, Transformers

  1. yo go re says:

    Well, I placed my Trophy Wall order, and got my shipping notice within an hour or two. It'll be here soon! I'm ridiculously excited about this piece...

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