The Four Horsemen kickstart Gothitropolis

At long last, the Four Horsemen are ready to return to the world of Gothitropolis, and they're doing it via Kickstarter.

Just in case you really need more info than that before going Fry and hitting the donate button, here's the tl;dr version: in previous rounds of the FANtastic Exclusive process, the Horsemen paid for the figures themselves, then got their costs recouped when the figures went on sale. Now that manufacturing prices have gotten so high (in some cases double what they were when this first started), they've decided to pre-fund the project. That makes sense to us.

The previous Gothitropolis figures were excellent toys, and so were the Seventh Kingdom releases before that. The price is definitely higher per-figure this year, but the Four Horsemen have a track record of delivering quality, and you're going to get what you pay for. Hell, you're going to get more than you pay for, if the past is any indication. Let's make this happen!

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13 Responses to The Four Horsemen kickstart Gothitropolis

  1. monkey boy says:

    i really want this to happen, but...
    at $45, i need to be selective. right now i backed a vulture, and that's it. i'm eyeing the owl and the rooster, but those are some of the stretchiest of the stretch goals. i'm hopeful, but dang...$45 is a lot. if the owl and the rooster open up, i will definitely get them, but i can't justify another $45 for another figure i don't really want just to help it get to that point. it seems to be humming along nicely, so hopefully this'll happen. i'm really pulling for it, but the price really puts this into another category altogether.

    • yo go re says:

      I know I'm a total sucker, but I'm down for all 12, if they make them. Four Horsemen toys are JUST SO GOOD!

      • monkey boy says:

        xetheus is one of my all time faves, and i like my anubos, but the ramathorr debacle soured me a bit. i bought most of those guys, and don't have a one to this day. most broke or were loosy-goosey or i sold. the only one i really miss is ramathorr.

        these toys are indeed awesome, but how many bird-men do i need? like i said, i'm all about the vulture, owl and rooster.

        but the difference between a $45 investment per figure and, say, a $30 investment per figure is quite huge to me. at something like $30 a figure i would totally get the raven, the white raven, maybe the falcon, the cardinal...but at $45 a piece i literally cannot afford it, and need to stick to all but the ones i really can't resist.

      • Bigbot says:

        Count me in for all 12 as well. The way I see it: I commonly buy imported figures at the price or a little higher, and they're a smaller scale. For the same price I'll get much more awesome figures and in a larger scale. I really hope all 12 happens.

  2. monkey boy says:

    i'm wondering...if the stretch goals are met, it refers to "sets" and not the figures individually...does that mean the stretch goal offerings will be mandatory twofers? that basically means i'd have to buy an unwanted figure for every stretch goal figure i want. hoping they don't do it that way, as i know i won't be able to afford it.

  3. yo go re says:

    And now when all 12 figures get unlocked (yeah, I said "when," not "if"), the Horsemen are going to include a free set of webbed feet for the Minotaur. Do it!

  4. yo go re says:

    As predicted, all the birds are unlocked - so now it's a race to the wings...

  5. yo go re says:

    I was watching as the time ran out last night: they got about $10,000 in the last half hour (putting them over $300,000 total) and there were three new people pledging in in the last minute alone. Crazy! And the pledge-per-person is still over $200...

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