OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, August 8

You think the OAFEnet Email Update is black? It's got skin like an English kid!

  • Joe Friday is a store exclusive that's high quality, but still more annoying than your run-of-the-mill exclusives.
  • This Star Wars Sunday review has the dumbest joke we've ever published.
  • Marvel's second most over-exposed character is on his way to becoming Marvel Monday's second most over-exposed figure.
  • Transformers Tuesday is the culmination of three months of reviews.
  • Try not to notice the glaring flaw in Watchmen Wednesday. We went out of our way to hide it.
  • And our final review of the week would be a lot better if it was a better size.

The blog was very informative this week, with two addendums, the rest of Rustin's SDCC haul, the new Previews catalog and more. Go, learn up your brain some good stuff.

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