OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, October 17

The furlough is over: here comes the OAFEnet Email Update! (Just watch out for our bat-poop insane stenographer.)

It's a beautiful October day - gray, dreary, and ready to rain - so bite into these Horror Month reviews.

  • Joe Friday may not be traditionally "horror-ish," but it is a guy wearing a mask, and that's plenty Halloweeny for us.
  • Depending on when you read this review, you may have missed some of it - we started out with only 12 figures being reviewed, then bumped it up by a third later in the day. Make sure you've read the whole thing.
  • This review's date of posting was chosen very carefully, and very specifically.
  • What does Marvel Monday have to do with horror? Just look at the second word of the character's name.
  • This guy looks like the devil. Well, a robot devil - what else would you expect from Transformers Tuesday?
  • Werewolf Wednesday was cheap and unimpressive.
  • To close up the week, a guy playing dress-up.

There are two more reviews on the blog, plus Rustin's one-company spoils, and a funny image that will direct you to ANOTHER review that's been updated. See if you can find it.

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