OAFEnet Update for Thursday, October 11

Who will survive the OAFEnet Email Update - and what will be left of them?

Our parade of fiendish reviews continues unabated. So turn on all the lights, check behind your chair and cuddle up with your security blanket before diving in.

  • Our first review of the week is fairly safe. Why, it's a group of heroes, surely here to protect you from evil! AHHH! NO! They're secretly monsters, come to devour your flesh! Run, puny humans! Flee for your lives!
  • Maybe our next review will help you. It's a doctor! A man of culture and taste. Wild, depraved tastes. Invite him into your home, so that he might show you what he does.
  • If anyone tells you that this week's Transformers Tuesday doesn't belong in Horror Month, you poke them right in the eye. What could be more Halloweeny than dressing up in a disguise?
  • Our final review might not look immediately familiar, but you know who he is. Sure, he's dressed up like the killer in a horror movie, but that's just a new suit of clothes. Underneath, he's the same wickedly frightening man he's always been. Isn't that reassuring?

Remember, you can catch up with these and all our Horror Month reviews on the link at the top of every page on our site.

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