Abandoned toy store

This nightmare factory is The Toy Loft in Danielson, CT, and judging by the state of the place, it probably closed down circa 1853, right?

No, apparently it was closed in 2007, and the disrepair you see today is the result of water damage. The place used to have a mini golf course, a Laser Tag arena, and much more, making it less of a "toy store" and more of a "fun-themed strip mall." And yet now, half a decade later, it looks like the setting for the next season of American Horror Story.

Fittingly, Danielson is just a borough in the town of Killingly. "Killingly: come for the murderous name, stay for the haunted halls where children's laughter used to sound."


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  1. kendra says:

    Hello, I've been dying to go to this place for as long as I've known about it. I'd just like to go in tale some pictures and get out not looking to steal, loot, or sue if I get hurt. Is it hard to get in to? Are there alot of places/people around? I don't want to break in or anything but I'm dying to get some good shots. I tried to look ip who to asl for permission as far as i know some company owns it nlw but hasnt done anything with it yet so im not sure....anyway Thanks so much for your time.

  2. kendra says:

    Sorry for the typos haha this phone is terrible!

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