I want this so bad, but I’m afraid I’ll bite into it

If I kept this on my desk, everyone in the office would try to eat it. They'll eat anything. (Lego Kit Kat photo via Flickr)

In addition to being a bakeaholic, I'm a Lego junkie. I hadn't put much thought into putting the two together, but now I don't have to - Kit Kat marketers have done it for me. Hat tip to Neatorama for bringing this wondrous creation to our attention.

Think about it: This Kit Kat bar has ZERO CALORIES. Also, you can rebuild it whenever you want. And it turns into other things, like a magical Transformer. This is, without a doubt, the desk toy I have needed all my life. Check out the full photo set on Flickr.

A box with more fun inside than this? Pfft. Not happening. (Lego Kit Kat photo via Flickr)

Please, Kit Kat. Please, Lego. Make this happen.

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