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Kick-Ass: Colonel Stars & Stripes addendum

In today's review of Colonel Stars & Stripes, we mentioned that Kick-Ass was not Jim Carrey's only comicbook movie. But he's not alone: (via) And now, some more OAFEry:Target assembles the Avengers from everyday items Minimate Mini-Review #281 - Strike … Continue reading

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A new Facebook page

No, not ours - a different one. Uncle Paul's Toy Box is a "nostalgic look at toys" - so kind of like what we do in February for Old Toys Month, but about much more than action figures, and much … Continue reading

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OAFEnet Email Update for Thursday, March 20

God may hate a lot of things, but everybody loves the OAFEnet Email Update.

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Arrow addendum: on the subject of proper archery form

For years we've been complaining about figures of archers, saying that very few of them can achieve a "real" archery pose. And every time, we've linked to this review which explains, very thoroughly, the ways that an archer needs to … Continue reading

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Rustin's Spoils of the Week #125

Well... it looks like this Hot Wheels thing might be getting a little more substantive for me. As much as the scalpers and store-opening collectors (viewed as collectible competitors in my youth) have given the line a negative connotation in … Continue reading

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If They Could Transform

Via @orion_neos on Twitter comes an art project by Darren Rawlings: And now, some more OAFEry:NECA TMNT Series 2: just wind in sails? Hasbro Employee Interviews Flippin' Through Previews - October '09 Transformers BotBots Cackle Corn review Flippin' Through Previews … Continue reading

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This week in comicshops - 03/19

Find out what toy-related items you can get at your local comicshop this Wednesday.

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Cherno Alpha addendum: Epilogue

Everybody loves Cherno Alpha. Some more than others. And now, some more OAFEry:Flippin' through Previews - February '16 Lego Pacific Rim Flippin' through Previews - July '14 Pacific Rim Uprising: Titan Redeemer addendum Soon Forget: Battle at the Docks Gipsy … Continue reading

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Minimate Mini-Review #143 - Storm & Jill Valentine

#143 - Storm/Jill Valentine And now, some more OAFEry:Minimate Mini-Review #21 - Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver Majestrix Lilandra Neramani of the Shi'ar Empire Minimate Mini-Review #145 - Sentinel & First Appearance Ryu Minimate Mini-Review #222 - Classic X-Force Minimate Mini-Review … Continue reading

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Lego Zim

Support the set here, and also see some more photos of the interior of the house and the Voot Cruiser! And now, some more OAFEry:ATFC - Palisades (+ Frank the Bunny) GI Joe in Lego form Shaun of the Dead … Continue reading

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