Groot addendum - error or intentional?

One of our readers had a problem with his Groot: the right leg is either severely broken or a secret variant.

Here, we see Amy Pond gesturing to the rough texture on the back of Groot's right knee compared to the smoothness of the left knee hinge. It's like it was specifically sculpted to match the rest of the wood, instead of being intended to move.

A detailed shot at what the joint looks like from the thigh-end. Notice that the ends of the joint aren't broken off: they're smooth, like they were molded that way. And the edges look too uniform to simply be a molding error.

The inside of the knee joint. The half-ring fits in there perfectly, so it's not like the other half of a broken joint is floating around in there.

What's your opinion? Is this some weird break, or was Hasbro considering something besides a plain knee?

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2 Responses to Groot addendum - error or intentional?

  1. yo go re says:

    I say molding error. I've had some things that were molded wrong, and they were weirdly smooth like that...

  2. Black Arbor says:

    Just had this happen with the wrist joint on my Movie Black Panther, the ring that is supposed to go around the post in the palm looks exactly like the rounded off edged here...

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