Horror Classics Mystery Minis - Hannibal Lecter

Last time, I said Leatherface wasn't one of the figures I wanted. So who was?

Well, duh, it was Hannibal Lecter - his name is right there in the title of this post, so that was kind of a stupid question, wasn't it? Anyway, yes, I wanted Hannibal Lecter.

Thomas Harris was a crime reporter in the 1960s, and once went to Mexico to interview an American citizen who had been convicted of killing three girls. The inmate told a story about how he was shot in an escape attempt, and said a doctor saved his life. Harris met with the doctor, and found him very charming despite the fact that he was less interested in discussing the shooting than in hearing Harris' opinions and analysis of the inmate. It was only when leaving that he learned that Dr. Alfredo Balli Treviño was not the prison physician, but was himself another inmate. That was the birth of Hannibal Lecter.

Hannibal is wearing what Rustin once called "the least memorable of Lecter's three costumes," which is just incorrect: is there a version of Hannibal that's more iconic than him in his strait jacket and mask? I posit that there is not! His pants are bright orange, and his jacket is pale gray with a brown strap and silver buckle sculpted across the back. His mask, with its airholes and the bars over the mouth, is fully sculpted, and has two sculpted straps holding it on (the upper one helping conceal the fact that Funko didn't bother trying to paint Anthony Hopkins' bald spot). He has large white eyes, but unlike the Walking Dead Mystery Minis, the edges are molded, not just painted. His head is cocked a bit to the left, and he stands a bit more than 2¾" tall - right around the average for this line.

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