The creation of Zim accessories

You know what's awesome? Invader Zim.

You know what else is awesome? Zim toys!

Here's a gallery of design sketches for a bunch of the Zim accessories:

Aren't those neat? They were all drawn by Cassandra Poe and turned into 3D models by Bryan Wilkinson. Poe (no relation) wasn't given any of the show's model sheets or turnarounds, she had to draw all these just by looking at the show - and it wasn't out on DVD yet, so it was all done by watching bootleg computer files! Wowsers!

And as if that weren't cool enough, here are a bunch of unreleased accessories, too!

Plus some bases that never came to be:

Oh, Invader Zim, why did you have to end so soon?!

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