GI Joe: Cobra Missile Command Headquarters

What's cooler than old, out-of-print media being rescued from obscurity thanks to the work of people on the internet? Whether it's old magazines, forgotten albums or, in at least one case, a complete toy:

The Cobra Temple has found and scanned a nearly pristine Cobra Missile Command. From the site:

The 1982 Cobra Missile Command Headquarters was available exclusively from Sears at Christmas time in 1982. As such, it was made in limited quantities. In addition to its low production numbers, the set itself was made out of cardboard, so it did not hold up as well to play as other plastic vehicles and playsets. Besides the playwear, people are much more likely to throw out a playset made of cardboard, which is likely raggedy, than one made of plastic, such as the 1983 GI Joe Headquarters. Putting all of these elements together, it is expensive and highly-sought-after to find one complete. Getting one with its original box and instructions is one step harder. Getting one that has never been punched out of its original cardboard sheets and never assembled can be akin to chasing a unicorn.

So visit The Cobra Temple now and download all the parts. Then just take them to Kinko's or OfficeMax or whatever since-renamed printing places exist near you, get them done on a nice sturdy cardstock, and have your own copy of one of the rarest toys in the GI Joe line.

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