What happened to the discount stores?

It's nearly Christmastime, isn't it? This is usually the time of year when stores start stocking up on toys. It's when we start looking for bargains and knockoffs and all the things that were supposed to ship to real stores but never did. This year, though, the search seems a little less fruitful.

Where are the massive dumps of toys at Ross, Marshall's and TJ Maxx? Where's the heavy stock-up at Ollie's and Big Lots? Why doesn't Gabe's have their usual front-of-the-store display area with freestanding shelves of toys? It's not just that I'm not seeing things I want, it's that I'm not seeing things, period. Stores' toy sections generally inflate starting in the middle of November, but this year it doesn't seem to be happening.

How about you? Have your stores actually gotten stuff, or are you in a toy-drought as well?

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  1. googum says:

    I hit a TJ Maxx the other day, and they had some discounted DC Collectibles stuff: that big armored Lex Luthor, a Talon, Cyborg, couple of that Green Lantern with the ski mask...Might check another one, see if anything jumps out; that Lex is almost tempting.

    Feels like everywhere has the big, $20 Star Wars figures, though.

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