Mattel rips off a fan design

Mattel has announced their SDCC exclusives, including this Barbie-sized (11") She-Ra:

It comes with lots of different outfits and accessories to create her various looks, from cartoon to toy. But look at this:

Seems her power sword has been redesigned, doesn't it? That's pretty neat. But it probably came as quite a surprise to the guy who uploaded this drawing to Deviant Art in 2011:

We say "probably," but that was just being polite. We know for a fact it came as a surprise to him, because he said so himself. So yet again, Mattel has copied someone else's work with no attribution. Genuine class!

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One Response to Mattel rips off a fan design

  1. Pink Parademon says:

    What a bunch of jerkwads!

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