The factions of Mythoss

Convocation of Bassylia
Masters of the magical arts, these warriors were assembled to combat the evil that lies at the very center of the Circle of Poxxus. The Convocation are the most mysterious of all the heroic armies, and they are sometimes feared by the very ones they seek to protect.

  • Herra Serpenspire
  • Aracagorr
  • Azza Spiritbender
  • B'alam
  • Gasspparr the Unamused
  • Gawrychh the Unpredictable
  • Jorund Runeshaper
  • Ravaena
  • Samir Scrollwarder
  • Tharnog
  • Zende Amaanthyr
  • Valiant Knight

Army of Leodysseus | Convocation of Bassylia | Order of Eathyron | Xylona's Flock
House of the Noble Bear

Legion of Arethyr | Circle of Poxxus | Congregation of Necronominus | Illythia's Brood
Sons of the Red Star

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