The factions of Mythoss

Xylona's Flock
This assembly of fighters gain their powers from and help protect the elements of nature that give life to the people of Mythoss. The Flock opposes and counteracts the vampiric elements in Illythia's Court, which seek to drain the life out of the world around them. Their close ties to nature and the purity of the flock keeps them connected to the great beasts and beings of the old world, granting them a certain reverence and a measure of celebrity in the modern age.

  • Bronze Dwarf Legion Builder
  • Deluxe Female Elf Builder
  • Deluxe Male Elf Builder
  • Elf Legion Builder
  • Elf Ranger
  • Silver Dwarf Legion Builder
  • Silverhorn Sentry
  • Xylernian Guard

Army of Leodysseus | Convocation of Bassylia | Order of Eathyron | Xylona's Flock
House of the Noble Bear

Legion of Arethyr | Circle of Poxxus | Congregation of Necronominus | Illythia's Brood
Sons of the Red Star

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