The factions of Mythoss

The Legion of Arethyr
This army is made up of the most savage and brutal warriors that Mythoss has to offer. When given the choice between reason and blunt force, reason never wins out. Their goal is to usher in the return of their dark god.

  • Gorgo Aetherblade
  • Lord Bushotee the Alpha
  • Pelvicus
  • Peteorionn
  • Uuwitt
  • Black Knight
  • Cavern Dwarf
  • Coliseum Orc
  • Deluxe Female Orc Builder
  • Deluxe Goblin Legion Builder
  • Deluxe Male Orc Builder
  • Goblin Legion Builder
  • Ogre
  • Orc Legion Builder
  • Orc Legion Builder 2

Legion of Arethyr | Circle of Poxxus | Congregation of Necronominus | Illythia's Brood
Sons of the Red Star

Army of Leodysseus | Convocation of Bassylia | Order of Eathyron | Xylona's Flock
House of the Noble Bear

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