The factions of Mythoss

The Circle of Poxxus
A collection of witches, warlocks, demons, Djinn, sorcerers, and assorted wielder of dark magic. Their ranks are lesser in numbers, but collectively more powerful. In service of the Dark Sorcerer Poxxus, exiled ruler of the Netherrealm.

  • Azahazzar
    • Azhar
    • Zazhar
  • Shadow Elf Ranger
  • Shadow Elf Warrior

Legion of Arethyr | Circle of Poxxus | Congregation of Necronominus | Illythia's Brood
Sons of the Red Star

Army of Leodysseus | Convocation of Bassylia | Order of Eathyron | Xylona's Flock
House of the Noble Bear

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