Minimate Mini-Review #307 - Daredevil & Punisher

#307 - Daredevil/Punisher

There will soon be Minimates four-packs based on the Marvel TV Daredevil and Jessica Jones series, but SDCC '16 offered us a sneak peek with this two-pack based on Daredevil Season 2.

Blinded as a young boy and imbued with extraordinary senses, Matt Murdock fights injustice by day as a lawyer and by night as the superhero "Daredevil." Just when Matt thinks he's bringing order back to the streets of Hell's Kitchen, New York, the Man Without Fear must confront new adversary Frank Castle and face old flame Elektra Natchios.

DD Season 1 was all about Matty building to the point where he got his costume, so Season 2 had it from the get-go. Designed to protect his mortal ass in a fight, the suit is a mixture of solid armored panels and flexible mesh sections. The combo of red and black, painted cleanly on this little action figure, is a better choice for live-action than plain red would be, because live action can't add fake shadows for contrast the way comic art can. The balance should perhaps lean a little more toward red than black, but the Minimate has to be honest to the show.

Daredevil comes with his billy clubs, which can be stored in the holster on his left hip. The mask/helmet thing can be removed, allowing us to see a decent representation of Charlie Cox's stubbly face. Considering how often Matt walks around in costume with his mask off, this is perfect! There's even a reused hair block done in red, so he's not bald.

Frank Castle is on a quest for revenge, waging a merciless war against the criminals of Hell's Kitchen. His severe-yet-effective methods challenge everything Matt Murdock believes in, and Frank soon discovers only one thing will get in his way: Daredevil.

The TV version of Punisher is already better than both movie versions, because they didn't feel the need to shy away from or explain away his goofier elements: namely, he embraced the name "Punisher" and wore his skull proudly. The figure is dressed all in black, of course, with a white skull painted on the chest. He's wearing a black coat, but if you choose to remove it, the set also includes extra arms with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows. He has his choice of two pistols or an HK94A. His hair only covers the top of his head, to suggest the way the sides were shaved, and we get a decent Jon Bernthal likeness on the face - you can now turn comic Shane into TV Shane!

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3 Responses to Minimate Mini-Review #307 - Daredevil & Punisher

  1. Wolf says:

    I think you mean all three* movie versions 😉 Don't forget that Dolph played the part back in the 1980s.

    • yo go re says:

      I thought about including that one, but it didn't even make an effort at the skull - at least the more recent ones nodded in its direction before declaring they were too serious and mature for it...

      • Wolf says:

        Yeah, it was a weird choice. I actually met Dolph Lundgren about two years ago at an in-store promotional event he was doing in Sydney -- I really feel like I should have asked him about that... #missedopportunities

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