Lego Batman Minifigures: Pink Power Batgirl review

Let's jump ahead a bit to a mini I absolutely knew I wanted: #10 on the checklist, Pink Power Batgirl.

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When Commissioner Barbara Gordon decided to help out Batman, this is NOT what she had in mind. Thanks to a blast from the Bat-Merch Gun, she’s found herself wearing a bright pink crime-fighting suit. How is Batgirl™ supposed to swing stealthily through the shadows and bust bad guys in this outrageous outfit? Looks like they’d better try that merch gun one more time!

Er, spoilers, I suppose? That bio comes from the site, as will any I'll be quoting in the future. There will be a normal Batgirl available in several of the real sets, but this one is different. Really playing up the "girl" part of "Batgirl," she's wearing a pink costume: pink mask, pink cape, pink dress, pink boots, pink batarang. It clashes a bit with her tan Rosario-Dawson-ish skintone, but then, it clashes even more with the rusty red hair. A silver band holds her ponytail in place, and she has a lovely smile on one side of her head, and a serious look on the other. The torso has the usual "female Minifigure" curves painted on the sides of her waist, but they're subtly done in darker pink rather than standing out in black. Her bat symbol is white on dark pink, and her utility belt is white. It doesn't get painted around the sides of the body, however. The skirt is a separate piece that fits onto the legs, of course, and that's an easy piece to feel inside the bag.

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