Lego Batman Minifigures: Vacation Batman review

Alright, let's do one more hero before getting into the villains: checklist minifigure #5, Vacation Batman.

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With crime all under control in Gotham City, what's an out-of-work Dark Knight to do? Finally take a vacation, that's what! Batman may usually work at night, but now he's ready for fun in the tropical sun with his flippers, goggles and bobbin' floatie ring. Let's hope he remembered to pack some sunblock, or he might be in for a nasty sunburn!

That ducky innertube is what will make this figure easy to identify in its bag. It's an amazing little piece, and although it is wearing a black mask over its eyes, that's just painted on, so theoretically we will see this again in future sets. The sculpted wrinkles along the big seam around the middle make this feel like a real item! Batman himself is wearing a black, short-sleeve shirt with small yellow bats printed all over it, and his black trunks have a single similar symbol on the left leg. His cowl has a pair of blue swim goggles permanently affixed, and since you can't see through the eyes, that means the Bruce Wayne head beneath doesn't need to have a "headband" painted across the forehead. He completes his ensemble with a pair of orange flippers that plug into the mini's feet (rendering the ubiquitously included display stand superfluous). Even if you don't much care for Batman, this is one to get if only for the float.

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