Lego Batman Minifigures: Catman review

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Thomas Blake was a world-famous big-cat trapper who grew bored of hunting and decided to become a supervillain. Inspired by Batman, he made himself a cat-themed costume, complete with a utility belt containing cat-lines, cat-arangs and other gadgets. Although many of his fellow villains consider him a laughingstock, Catman is a fierce fighter with his own unique sense of honor!

Thank you, Gail, for making Catman matter! Given the number of Batman variations we're seeing in this toyline, no one could blame anyone who mistook this as one of them. He gets the usual Batman cowl, in brown instead of black. Same is true for the utility belt. His costume is yellow and brown, with the chest tampo featuring both the "three slash-marks" logo on his chest and the straps that hold his cape on. He has painted stubble, since he's so rough and butch. If you're trying to find him via squeezing the bags, you'll want to feel for the Wolverine claw weapons he carries.

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