Spider-Man Marvel Legends: Black Spider-Man review

My thought process: "do we really need another black-suited Spider-Man? We just got one... nine years ago? Good lord."

Stealthily dressed in black, Spider-Man possesses incredible web-slinging, wall-crawling powers.

That makes it sound like he has the powers because he's dressed in black, doesn't it? It doesn't even tell us whether this is the symbiote costume he got on Battleworld, or if it's the cloth facsimile he wore later. Heck, it doesn't even tell us whether this is Peter Parker or not! I mean, we know it's not Ai Apaec, because it's only got two arms, not six, but it's entirely possible this represents the Dark Avengers version of Mac Gargan, when Norman Osborn gave him a drug that reduced his monstrous size so the public would assume he was the real Spidey.

This figure uses the Spider-body, because if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Although, in this case, it might be broke: on my figure, the left pectoral hinge joint feels stuck, and I'm not sure whether heat or cold would be better to fix it. Or maybe I should just leave it - the way the legs of the white chest-spider are painted, they extend onto the pec joint, so when you flex the arms outward, you get a giant flash of white paint that kind of breaks the illusion.

Spider-Man doesn't get any webshooting hands, because he didn't have to fold his fingers to "thwip" when he was wearing the symbiote: the webs just shot out of the backs of his hands, which is why he gets fists. There are also the splayed "climbing" hands, which are a nice inclusion. Because Black Spidey's eyes were often drawn slightly larger than the ones on the usual mask, the toy gets the big-eyed Scarlet Spider head.

He comes with two Sandman pieces, because what I really needed was more incomplete Build-A-Figure parts on up my desk. Venom, Juggernaut, Doomsday, Killer Croc, Abomination, Dormammu, and now Sandman's hands. If I hadn't already put Onslaught's head on, that'd be there, too! Such is the pain of being an obsessive toy collector.

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9 Responses to Spider-Man Marvel Legends: Black Spider-Man review

  1. tahukanuva says:

    A few minutes in the freezer should do the trick. I've had one of those pec joints stick on almost every figure on that body so far, and the freezer's always helped me get it free.

    • yo go re says:

      Sadly, no: I tried the freezer route, but he lost his arm anyway. So now I'm back to waiting for this series to show up anywhere so I can get a replacement...

  2. He came in last place of the four finalists for the 2015 fan poll & still got made before the winners. It's almost as if they were going to make him anyway! How can I track down anybody who threw their vote away on another gorram Spider-Man & inflict grievous bodily harm upon them?

    • yo go re says:

      To be fair, he WAS a finalist - it's not like they rushed a Bor figure to shelves or anything. And of the four, he's the only one who doesn't require any new molding at all, so it's not too surprising that he appeared the quickest...

      • I resent him being included in the poll to begin with. A fan poll should be about more obscure characters that probably wouldn't be made at all (or made that soon), not for the flagship character's second most popular costume who's certain to be produced.

  3. Kyeju says:

    What Juggernaut pieces do you have, out of curiosity?

  4. TheDorkKnight says:

    I've heard of a ton of breakage issues with this guy. I wonder what went wrong?

    • yo go re says:

      The design of the shoulder hinge puts a lot of stress directly on the pec swivel - so even a small mistake (a little bit of extra glue, a few bubbles inside the plastic) could be catastrophic in a way it usually isn't.

      I finally got my replacement, and he's all intact. I had a similar shoulder issue with the Electro reviewed this week, but this time I got it working. Left him in the freezer overnight, then used a thin poky thing to reach into the armpit and help pop free whatever was making the joint stick...

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