Lego Batman Minifigures: Clan of the Cave Batman review

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A good Dark Knight Detective is prepared for any eventuality. Maybe he'll have to travel back in time to the Paleolithic era. Maybe he'll need to go undercover as part of a museum exhibit. Maybe he'll fight a bad guy who's really scared of leopard-print fabrics. Either way, Batman is ready for prehistoric action thanks to his totally old-school caveman costume!

Is this supposed to be a take on Prehistoric Batman? Probably not, but it's certainly a parallel. He's also not Catman, despite his mask being brown. There are big clumsy stitches painted on the mask, and his "costume" is a Fred Flinstone-style leopard fur dress, though he somehow manages to get tied boots and bracers. His chest symbol is a chunk of stone on a necklace, done as part of the chest tampo. He's scowling inside his mask, and unlike many Batmen, carries a weapon: a tremendous wooden club with large bumps all over it. You'll feel that easily inside the bag.

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