Richard the Warlock

The figure in this Kickstarter is based on the webcomic Looking for Group, and the figure is done in GI Joe scale. The packaging and accessories look quite cool, as well.

And if the price looks a little high, remember that it's in Canadian Fun Bux™©, not real money, so it's a bit cheaper than it seems. And you get a bunch of extras with every order!

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2 Responses to Richard the Warlock

  1. Soundwinder says:

    That... looks pretty good. And despite Least I Could Do's... questionable quality, LFG is still pretty dang entertaining.

    That said, considering the last time Blind Ferret had a Kickstarter... I think I'll have to step aside on this one.

    • yo go re says:

      What happened last time?

      I've never read Least I Could Do or LFG, so I don't have any connection to the character. Nice box it comes in, though...

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