Madballs Blind Bags - Oculus Orbus review

Fun-loving but considerate (of others having fun), Oculus Orbus is all about goofing and making everything laugh. "Eyes" just want to have fun!

Hey, now we're talking! Oculus Orbus is one of the more popular/memorable Madballs, by virtue of simply being a gigantic eyeball... or, well, "not-so-gigantic" in this case - Just Play's blind-bagged Madballs are about 1½" in diameter, so these days Occy is only 50% larger than your own eye. If any of our readers out there have a glass eye, try putting Oculus Orbus in there and send us a picture!

[Editor's note: DO NOT DO THAT. --ed.]

Gone are the extraneous details from the Art Asylum version of the character, so now the back is just veins. A veiny, one-eyed monster! Show it to all the children! Take it out on the subway! Be like Harvey Weinstein, and force unwilling people to touch it! The X in the pupil is better here than it is on the others, since the overall eye is much bigger, and thus, actually gets a pupil beyond the X. For the first time, OO has a mouth, too - sure, innovation is good and all, but white ball + big open mouth and lolling tongue = this looks like Screamin' Meemie at a glance.

Series 2 of the blind bags featured "Mix-Ups," re-releases from Series 1 with new colorschemes. And Series doesn't really do anything to help Oculous Orbus stop looking like Screamin' Meemie, because there he's a pale yellow, which if anything just makes him even more baseball-like!

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