Vitruvian HACKS accessory sets

Meet Dick, June, and Ossy:

We're soon going to be posting reviews the Vitruvian HACKS accessory sets, so these three happy campers - one male, one female, and one skeleton - will be serving as models for the various pieces. This page will also link to all the reviews as they're posted.

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4 Responses to Vitruvian HACKS accessory sets

  1. Jesterfry says:

    Dick = Grayson
    Ossy = bone, as in "osteopath"

    I don't get June?

  2. Sledgehama says:

    June is bustin' out all over - Carousel?

  3. Boot Hill says:

    June Sky? Is that a thing?

  4. TruantSavior says:

    June Moon - Blue Moon?

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